Lyda Foster

Slave Freed for Her Service


Loyal Ex-Slave (Defining)

I will prove my worth to Lord Yssan.

I cut my teeth in the mines.

A strand of light exists in the darkest cave.

Easy on the eyes, hard to see.

Quiet as a mouse. (Agility)

Never held a blaster in my life. (Agility)

Privileged information. (Knowledge)

Young and Dumb (Willpower)

Lord Aeon Quee wants me back. (Persuasion)


Lyda was born a slave on Dromund Kaas, and odds were that she would die the same way. She was placed in the crystal mines by her master Aeon Quee. Years later, she showed both intelligence and beauty as she got older. She was pulled from the mines and made a house slave by Aeon. After observing Adath and Varrus as they returned from the temple on Felucia, she sensed that they would be her best opportunity for freedom. After overhearing a holocall of her master’s, she snuck onto their ship before they left for Coruscant.

Lyda Foster

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