Lord Nephris

Sith Master to Varrus and Adath/Ryat


Twisted Dark Lord (Defining)

My rule will begin anew!

Darth Crix is my master . . . for now.

Tolerate the petty, punish the important.

The mask of Naga Saddow (Resources)

Schemes within Schemes (Reasoning)

All the marionettes dance to my tune. (Persuasion)


Lord Nephris is the apprentice of Darth Crix. She was a bright student on Korriban, easily winning her apprenticeship over the other candidates. Varrus Rall is her public apprentice, with Ryat Hollbal as a secret apprentice. She is aware that Hollbal has been killed and replaced by an imposter, but the imposter has served her better than Hollbal, so she has allowed it to continue. After her apprentices returned from the Temple on Felucia, with the mask of Naga Saddow, she has not been seen without the mask.

Lord Nephris

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